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released October 31, 2016

Keith Miller - VOCALandGUITAR
Derek Keijner - GUITARandKEYSandBASS
Matt Vaughn - BASS
Jacob Campbell - KEYSandGUITAR

James Lindsey - VOCAL (Gold Watch)
Eons D - VOCAL (You Should Go)
Zach Driscoll - SAXOPHONE (You Should Go)
Josh Brown - TROMBONE (You Should Go)
Shane St. Clair - GUITAR (Fall in the Ocean)

Remixes by:
Ryan Marsh
jkylemann (feat. Maximón)
GL1TCH r0mney
Mark John Lukey
Wooden Axle

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Brad
Recorded by Brad and Keith
Artwork by Jacob A. Campbell
© & ℗ 2016 Hearse Guest


all rights reserved



House Ghost Louisville, Kentucky

House Ghost
is a band.

Keith and Derek
and Kith and Kin

We make music.
You make dance.

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Track Name: The Weekend
gas station coffee and cream
one-handed while i'm trying to read
a scrimshawed vending machine

just let me sway here on the curb
quietly forming new words
that have still not ever been heard

i don't know how to make things right
i need to be done with you tonight
i don't care what you tell our friends
i'm just trying to find an end to the weekend

my home is sewn into my suit
constructed from the silk of a chute
an open burden of proof

we are just handprints on the wall
animals answering calls
trying to make sense of it all

we're not feeling so fair
i'm not fighting well
you're not one to really try
so, let's let it die

i am trying to find a reason to walk away
i am trying to be something that turns you
i want someone to say i don't have to try
just let it die

i'm dealing with recidivism and reminded how it goes
i'm taking on major chains into the shoulders of all we know
you know you know they say everyone's not going home
then you wonder how they go together, nobody knows
Track Name: Kid Icarus
I think maybe I know that I'm a fool
they tell me all the time, uh-uh-uh-uh-oh
I lose my wings and I look like a kid
Icarus, you know he flew way too high, he flew too high

I let go my ego and I will cast it against the rocks
then I see something shiny in the water and I say

oh-uh-oh sorry I'm so sorry
oh-uh-oh I would tell you not to worry, but
oh, I know I'll just do it again
yeah, I'll just do it again

I burn bridges, it's okay I've got a ladder
I made it out of wax, uh-uh-uh-uh-oh
I'm dead enough to bury, but I ain't dead yet
I wonder what his daddy thought, oh my my, oh my my my

I let go my ego and I will cast it against the rocks
then I see something shiny in the water and I say

oh-uh-oh sorry I'm so sorry
oh-uh-oh I would tell you not to worry, but
oh, I know I'll just do it again
yeah, I'll just do it again

oh-uh-oh sorry I'm so sorry
oh-uh-oh I would tell you not to worry
oh-uh-oh I sure I'm good and ready
oh-uh-oh I'm dead enough to bury
oh-uh-oh sorry I'm so sorry
oh-uh-oh I would tell you not to worry, but
oh, I know I'll just do it again
yeah, I'll just do it again
Track Name: Dear Dead Days
phantom mill up on the shore
i'm still drowning at your door
we could lay our heads
on the river bed

hotel ghosts won't let me in
whispering all of my sins
trees so green their leaves won't turn
fires so tall they will always burn

bang my head against the sun
someone tell me when i'm done
suckers two for one

in the hum of waiting amps
picking splinters off the ramp
i've died and gone to camp

sleep in piles on broken springs
every morning shows us things
you're a friend of mine
you can cut in line

sulking idly on the porch
skipping canteen 'cause we're poor
you'll never see those stars again
sadder a fate than passing friends
Track Name: Gold Watch (feat. James Lindsey)
you're not fired
you just don't work here anymore
thanks for the loyalty
security will show you to the door

current situation, newly unemployed
empty out a bottle in hopes to fill that void
Now, I guess love don't live here no more
I could sell drugs, but that's too cliche
when boss walked in like, "here's your vacation"
I was thinking like two weeks pay, but I was wrong

middle finger to management
grab my Cheetos and sandwiches
how to hell I get fired while on my lunch break
my boss said I be vanishing
I be lacking all etiquette
he gon' need him an ambulance in the worst way
clear my work from my cubicle
all the paper and pencils
I'm thinking that lentil's the only soup I mess with
tell me what's a gold watch without a ring and a necklace
flying obscenities on the way to the exit
show them what I'm made of
feeling grown guess I'll go home and play Sega
street fighter Vega find an ad in the paper
bag produce at Traders so I can see the fruits of my labor

get lost
real gone
here's your gold watch
now move on
Track Name: You Should Go (feat. Eons D)
I've got a few tickets to the show
you should go
I think you should go
I've got a few tickets to the show
I think you should go
I really think you should go

they opened up for so-and-so
they 'bout to blow
you should go
I know they blow
you should go
I'm just trying to get these tickets sold

do I have to? you should go
but I don't want to. you should go
but will the girls be there? you should go
so you're saying I should...you should go

make you wanna say "ah!"

this town used to be a showdown
we almost headed for the west coast
this town started feeling like a ghost town
and this ghost is feeling like a house ghost
Track Name: Painful Rainbows
Waiting out in the sun
For my legs to run
With a blown out eye
And a beat ear drum

I'm an ocean of waves
They're hitting me sick
With a blown out brain
I ain't been too quick

Will you come with me
To the silent sea crashing in my
Head in my hands
I want to know how did we hit land

Get bent painful rainbows
Washed out of all of my clothes
I'd give anything to stop
And lose this diamond head

Got my head in the clouds
And it won't come down
To meet my neck
Back on the ground
Track Name: Fall in the Ocean (feat. Beware the Images)
Hey California
I'm not in a hurry to brave you
but if you fall in the ocean
I'll come from Kentucky to save you
here's to us and what we might become

I don't understand
how being locked here inland
has become such a horrible fate
I know that the coast
is appealing to most
but my heart's in a flyover state

I know many who searched for themselves
fled the commonwealth and ran through your hell
but the few who found a place in your sun
seem alright to me
Track Name: Tripods
Here come the bright lights
Ruining my night
And just as you are being so persuasive

They've clouded my chances
With black smoke advances
Don't they know their war's invasive

And now you're saying things you want to hear. Should I just fake it?
And now I'm hesitating reciprocating
In case we make it, but

I feel fine, time is on my side
As long as I don't die, I'll fix it all later

Here come the heat rays
Red weed and dark days
I worked so hard to be a safe place

Goodbye adolescence
Under violent fluorescence
But I refuse to lose this teen age

And now we are sitting here so awkwardly just you and me
Even if we weren't in hiding would still be fighting silently