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released January 23, 2018



Keith Miller – Lead Vocals, Gibson LGO, Gibson ES-135, Danelectro U2, Silvertone 1484, Fender Jazz Bass Plus, Yamaha PortaSound PSS-470, Melodica, Glockenspiel, Percussion
Derek Keijner – Epiphone DOT, Fender Jaguar, Silvertone 1484, Mellotron, Korg MS-20, Korg Minilogue, Yamaha PortaSound PSS-470, Washburn B-16 Banjo, Background Vocals, Percussion


Jon Moore – Yamaha Drum Kits, Percussion
Josh Brown – Baldwin Upright Piano, Trombone, Trumpet, Farfisa, Mellotron, Ukulele, Background Vocals, Percussion
Donjon Osborne – Gibson Thunderbird, Heritage H-150, Silvertone 1484, Background Vocals, Percussion
Kyle Mann – Fender P-Bass
Mark John Lukey – Wurlitzer, Hammond C3
Thom Daugherty – Martin D-12
Gavin Coffey – Percussion
Whitney Wall – Background Vocals
Scott Kirkpatrick – Background Vocals
Brooks Ritter - Background Vocals
Kendall Elijah Dynamite – Background Vocals

Produced and Recorded by Keith and Derek
Mixed and Mastered by Brad Bramer
Additional Recordings by Jon, Josh, Donjon, Kyle, Brooks, Kendall, Mark
Album Artwork by Chris Diggs for Haymaker Collective
Photography by Billy Grubbs

All songs by Keith Miller (BMI) except "In Hell" and "Familiar Roads" by Keijner/Miller and "Everything New" by Keijner/Miller/Osborne
© & ℗ 2018 Hearse Guest

For Ashley, Michelle, Max, Everett, Abe, Levi, and Sam


all rights reserved



House Ghost Louisville, Kentucky

House Ghost
is a band.

Keith and Derek
and Kith and Kin

We make music.
You make dance.

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Track Name: Leaving You
Lately it seems that the distance between
You and me is getting far
I don't mind, I'm just starting to find
That I need to be where you are

Goodnight, here comes the daylight
And I'm so tired of leaving you
Someday, whenever my heart breaks 
I won't be able to leave you
Someday soon

There are two river shores between my hand and yours
And it feels like an ocean sometimes 
And I'll use any excuse to make my way back to you 
And do I make your blue eyes shine like you do, mine?

You can tell I don't want to leave when we have to part
But I think that you should know that I hold you in my heart 
Track Name: I'll Get By
I was born on these muddy banks
But I say no thanks, oh no no no
I was made for streets of gold
That where I’m going, I’m going home
I was made for streets of gold

How you sleeping where the wild things are?
Baby, you living a lie
If you can’t go where I need to go
Then bye, bye, baby, bye

Well, you try to swim up stream
But that river, she’s a killer
Dry your eyes for heaven’s sake
Fall on your face, no you’re not alone
And everyone’s trying to make it home

Who you being? Where you been?
Don’t forget to tell now, all your friends
No matter what happens, you’ll get by
Now sing it high, I’ll get by, I’ll get by, I’ll get by
Now one more time, I’ll get by, I’ll get by, I’ll get by
Track Name: The Only Time
You take your parents’ advice, don’t repeat yourself twice
When you sing songs you mix up the words
You always look cute in a new pair of shoes
And I love when you whistle at birds

Well, I fear this is the only time
That I’ll ever have your hand in mine
‘Cos tomorrow you’ll be gone
but for now, you’re on my arm
And I’ll love you for the rest of today

Well, you’re awkwardly sweet, with a kiss on the cheek
The future is bringing me down
The miscellaneous things that tug at the strings
Of my heart that is breaking right now

I’ll make you happy, baby
You’ll never think to leave me
Track Name: Goodbye
Everybody's talking 'bout you coming back in town
I don't care, you never wanted me around 
And everyone's aware of how you let your walls fall down 
You beautiful thing, what makes you think I'd want you now?

So goodbye 
To all those pretty words you say
You making eyes my way
You trying to make my day

Everyone is certain you and I were meant to be 
I don't know, I think I might disagree 
I was only 18 when you brought me to my knees 
You said you loved me then left me lonely in that street 

So goodbye 
To the way you swing your hips
The way you pout your lips 
You blowing me that kiss
Track Name: Feeling How You Feel
Stop once, blink twice 
C'mon and settle down and try to play nice 
Three times, I'll be true 
Four times, I'm gonna turn away from you 

Well, the leaves on the trees is
barking like a dog in the wind it's a sin to 
tell me that I made it once again all my friends is 
Teething out the one side of their mouth
then they shout all these lies out the other side

When I was bleeding all I was needing 
Was just a little company while I healed 
But you threw it away for all the pleasures of day
And the night showed our fight
Was just you feeling how you feel 

I'm tired, you're tired 
I think the devil made us numb to this fire 
Well, let's agree to disagree 
I can't believe that you would turn away from me 

What I mean when I scream is
How much that I want this all to work I'm a jerk
just tell me that the answer is a yes I confess
That I have a little issue with the trust it's a must
to find the time to draw the final line
Track Name: Everything New
Hey darling c,mon, c’mon c’mon
I’ll take you on, I will take you out
Tell me what went wrong, we were doing alright
I lost the words, and now you’re gone

I want you, I need you
I need you to, see everything new
‘Cause baby these gray skies turn blue
Only if you want them to

We drove into town and I watched you slowly drown
I was the only one you wanted around
It’s not bad to never know, but it won’t make it easier baby

I saw the one you love implode
It was a sorry sight
The wishing well was just a show
And I know that everything will be alright
Track Name: I Know You're Sorry
Say I love you and I’ll believe you
That you won’t stray anymore
Lord knows I miss you and I’m going to kiss you
As soon as you walk through that door

All good mothers, they forgive
Men of Wisdom, they forgive
And our God above, he forgives
I am none of these, but I can forgive

Well, the wind blows through my windows
And takes all your love form my hands
But do not worry, I know you’re sorry
And you’ll do everything that you can
Track Name: In Hell
Why do you talk so lowly
Whenever your eyes I find?
Why do you walk so slowly
From nobody’s house but mine?

Do you love me, do you love me?
Why don’t I know if you love me?
Do you love me? Oh, I can’t tell
And the wondering feels like I’m in hell

What’s in your pretty head, dear?
Are you hanging on words that I’ve said?
What do you dream in your bed here?
Are we side by side when we’re dead?
Track Name: Cold Gold
I’m on drugs, it’s the thought of your love
It’s the thought of your love that downs me up
You know, you know, you know, you know
It’s the thought of your love that makes things rough

Why you gotta make me sigh? Don’t even try to cry
You’re cold gold, baby, and you know it

Where’d you go baby? You disappear up close
You disappear up close, so where’d you go?
Say something pretty and I’d like you more
It’s the thought of your love that got you out that door

When you go, you’re going away
And when you’re gone, I want you to stay
Track Name: The Gift
We were together for years
Burned in the laughter and tears
We loved each other, but then it was over
And you said you left me a gift
Where is it? Where’s my gift?

You only told me one thing
And you didn’t tie any strings
Take what you left me, it won’t bereft me
It’s all wrapped up in the gift

I have looked all over here
Give me a hint, just a glint
The moments you’re stealing from all of my feelings
I just want to know what it is
It’s the gift

The gift, the gift, the gift you give, the gift
Track Name: Familiar Roads
Seven hours left to go
Make a pillow of your coat
And the feeling of familiar roads will let you know you're home

And maybe in this time you find an answer
Or maybe you don't