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by House Ghost

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Palisades 03:40
Verse one: I been ready since the day you put my head in glass We were heavy, but our payments made the debtors pass I saw my feet shuffle and blur We spoke each other’s lines in turn Verse two: I go steady and my hands have a familial grain Trying heady, but I’m wearing well the same old same I am compelled to help your hand I hope you understand Pre-chorus: Even though my new haircut’s starting to fade And the cast of my shadow is now barely shade In a couple of miles there’ll be nothing to save You still really need to put me out the palisade Chorus: I’m starting to feel like I’m washing away know when I leave that I wanted to stay Sometimes I tell myself it won’t ever be alright But I’m here I’m here I’m here I’m here Verse three: Joining SETI won’t find anything of note upstairs I’m a levy made to hit you right across your heirs There were no artifacts to find I left no blood behind
Verse one: I don’t really want to be here I’m getting one of those headaches If I could just cut my arms off and leave them on the table For anyone who wanted handshakes That’d be great That’d be so great Verse two: I have absolutely no desire to participate But can I just sit back here and watch you iterate your videogame Watch you all get high maybe pet the dog and look into his eyes To avoid when everyone exchanges names That’d be great That’d be so great Verse three: It seems there are multiple people currently touching me without my consent So I have left my body and am now hovering on a different plane If I could just cut my tether to my corporeal existence Drift around in the ether above you all and just forget my frame That’d be great That’d be so great Chorus: I think there must be something wrong You can’t all be like this You are all singing the same song and I don’t know where I fit Outro: There must be something wrong There must be something wrong There must be something wrong with all of you ‘cos I’m so great Yeah I’m so great
Going Down 03:21
Verse one: Will you be fast asleep When I get back from the store I’ll only be gone a week Maybe a year but not much more Baby you’ll see Verse two: I don’t know where I go But I always come back hat in hand I will show a pose so low You will be sure to understand And maybe you’ll notice who I am Chorus: Nothing can save us now Nothing can save us now You better save yourself because I’m going down And I don’t know how to let go of you Verse three: Send your best polite regrets I’ll never blame you for my part I’m a mess it’s not a test You should be free now from my heart
Kokomo 03:12
Verse one: Mike Love Turned on Brian’s best of Drive through Indiana And phoned it in from the heartland XRA Chorus: Hey where they go (even they don’t know) Now they’ve gone the way of buffalo They just went on with the show (oh my oh no) They couldn’t hang on to their ego Hey what do I know? There’s no place like Kokomo Verse two: Kermit Covered it in earnest A sesame sweet version Planted deeply in the corners of our minds Bridge: We need a single for a soundtrack Oh but Landy’s got that lojack Papa john ghostwrote now let’s go push Kokomo
New Sixes 02:46
Verse one: We’ve got some new sixes that are almost sevens We’ve got some new devils that rival the heavens Chorus: But we ain’t got you No we ain’t got you No we ain’t got you yet Verse two: We’ve got some new faces that always be smiling We’ve got some emotions that mask all the crying Bridge: We made your mind up before you woke up We made your mind up before you even woke up
It's a Drag 02:35
Verse one: Why was I so terrified Of fake blood shot in black and white These old tyme vampyres’ worn down fangs Have lost their edge with worn out slang Chorus: It’s a drag You left the party Come on back We’ll make them make it right Verse two: Just ignore the watchful paintings All their stares can be so draining You have to invite them in For them to hurt you once again
Verse one: This one came in like a thief And I let him ‘cos I love him This two has the heart of me And I fear I will crush him Chorus: All the boys I’ve loved Are sitting right in front of me A thousand miles away All the boys I’ve loved Were never gonna stay Verse two: This three is the last of me And I hold him as forever These three see the worst of me And I know I can do better Bridge: I can recall every moment I fell in love again And I’m still alive where you stopped time And all that I am I send along with you to maybe catch you if you fall ‘Cos I’ll never leave you, I’m right behind you boys
Chorus: You know you worry too much You know you worry too much Yes, you know it’s true you worry too much You worry too much Verse one: It’s not that there aren’t things out there trying to take you out But I am one of those things too And maybe just you knowing that will give you a reprieve As I reach out to you from across the room Verse two: Faces In the drug store When you clock in At a strange door In a new cough On the bread line On a hot mic In a good time Like Sisyphus you miss when this was all not such a weight But unlike him your punishment is sure to end one day Verse three: And maybe all this love we talk can ease your weary heart Or maybe this is how we be And as the world continually adds to your long list Well, I’m just glad to hear you say you never have to worry about me
Verse one: I like you always I love you when you run It only feels right When I can make you come Verse two: I never feel good I only level out Get back to zero Then fall asleep somehow Pre-chorus: What do you mean when you say You have never felt this before Don’t let’s talk about it We won’t hear a thing If we don’t say the words Chorus: So I can’t believe you Yeah I can’t believe you No I can’t believe you But I really want to Verse one: I like you always I love you when you run It only feels right If it is never done
Verse one: The trees are winded There’re no leaf left to turn My wounds are mended But I can’t understand how you got money left to burn Verse two: The wheat fields are blowing Like the hair on my father’s arm That he’s got hooked out the window Of our big red suburban middle class American car Verse three: Tornados are back again And the weather feels so alone Outside it’s American And there’s a mocking bird that sounds just like my telephone


released February 18, 2022

Keith Miller - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Derek Keijner - Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
DonJon Osborne - Bass Guitar
Jon Moore - Drums
Shane St. Clair - Percussion
Gary Talbott - Acoustic Guitar on "New Sixes", Acoustic Solo on "It's a Drag"

Palisades (Miller)
That'd Be Great (Miller)
Going Down (Miller)
Kokomo (Keijner/Miller)
New Sixes (Miller)
It's a Drag (Keijner/Miller)
All the Boys I've Loved (Keijner/Miller)
Worry Too Much (Keijner/Miller)
Don't Let's Talk (Miller)
Tornado is an American Word (Miller)

Produced by Keith and Derek
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Shane
Creative Direction, Photography, and Album Artwork by Keith

©&℗ 2022 Hearse Guest


all rights reserved



House Ghost Louisville, Kentucky

House Ghost
is Keith and Derek
and Shane and Donjon and Kith and Kin.

There are no genres, just wilderness.

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